About Us

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Board of Directors

Member Name Position Contact Marcus “Buk” Bukowski President   bukbukowski@yahoo.com Tom Cale Treasurer  Liz Vernon Secretary  Felicia Douglas  Member Rusty Sheppard Member Susan Pacanowski Member  Dan Strout Member  Janette Showalter  Member  Morgan Lord  Member

Euthanasia Policy

Euthanasia Policy Our goal is to place every healthy animal that comes in our doors. Although we are not there yet, we are proud of the progress that we have made toward that goal over the years. Our adoption events, and volunteer and fostering programs are allowing us to save more animals than ever before …


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Our History   Our primary mission at the Humane Society of Wichita County, is to take  homeless, sick or unwanted animal, and make them happy, healthy, and adoptable pets. We could never accomplish this mission without the help from ALL of our staff members, and the citizens and businesses in and around Wichita County.   …


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