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Euthanasia Policy

Euthanasia Policy
Our goal is to place every healthy animal that comes in our doors. Although we are not there yet, we are proud of the progress that we have made toward that goal over the years. Our adoption events, and volunteer and fostering programs are allowing us to save more animals than ever before in our history; but despite these efforts, we are not able to save every animal who comes in. We are also not able to pull and save as many animals from the City facility as we would like. There are simply more animals than there are people adopting.

The current policy we follow is:
• We provide euthanasia for seriously ill or injured animals, at the owner’s request, or for shelter animals if they become seriously ill or injured.

• We are not able to place animals that are human-aggressive. These animals are humanely euthanized.

• Aggression toward other animals is considered, on an individual basis, as a factor in deciding whether an animal is adoptable. If deemed dangerous to other animals, these animals may be euthanized to protect other pets. This is a decision made by the Adoption Center management.

• There are also times when more animals come in than we can humanely house, due to both space limitations and expenses. Even with foster homes, there is a limit to space and our financial resources, which include veterinary services and supplies. So, at the discretion of our Adoption Center management, decisions are made with regard to euthanasia.

We regard each animal’s life as precious and decisions to euthanize are never taken lightly. We will continue to work toward the goal of placing all healthy animals in loving homes and toward educating the public about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets in an attempt to reduce pet overpopulation and the need for euthanasia.

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