Adoption Info

Adoption Information
Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience that brings many rewards. There are also many responsibilities. Pets must be cared for and protected. These guidelines outline many of those responsibilities. They describe the questions you should ask  yourself before choosing your pet.

Adoption Process

If you are interested in adopting a new pet, the process is very simple. Please use the following steps as a guide for completing the process successfully and efficiently.

  • 1 – Download the Adoption Application. (>Download Here)
  • 2 – Fill out the application and bring it to the Humane Society; -OR- Fill it out on your computer and email to
  • 3 – There is a 24 hour processing period, in order to verify the information presented on the Adoption Application.
  • 4 – You will be notified by an adoption representative, upon approval/disapproval of your adoption request.
  • 5 – Come into our facility and pay the adoption fee, and take your new family friend home.

Adoption Fees

We require a modest fee for all adoptions. This fee takes care of everything your pet needs before you pick them up.


Every animal will have the following prior to leaving our facility:

  • Spay/Neuter depending on gender
  • All required vaccinations
  • Dewormed and heartworm tested
  • An ID microchip for identification purposes

Cat Adoptions - $75.00

Dog adoptions$105.00

Pets deserve a good home – for their entire life. That is your responsibility.


Please consider the following before you start the adoption process.

Life Span:

  • You are responsible for a pet for its entire life
  • Dogs and cats usually live 15 to 20 years (depending on breed)


  • Do not overlook your time commitment! The needs of a large, active dog are different from those of a gerbil!
  • How much time do you have each day to provide grooming, companionship and exercise?
  • Remember, companion animals also require companionship from you.


Buying a pet is not the biggest cost. Long-term expenses add up over the years. Costs include:

  • Food and pet supplies
  • Health care
  • Licensing
  • Vacation care
  • Grooming fees
  • Obedience training


  • Active pets need challenges, training, tasks and regular exercise.
  • Are you an outdoor or indoor personality type?
  • Will you enjoy taking your dog for a daily walk? Could daily outdoor exercise become a chore?
  • Will the pet be on its own throughout the day? This can be a problem for some dogs and cats.
  • Is the size of your home and property big enough?
  • Do you travel on business or vacations? Will your pet travel with you or stay in a boarding kennel?
  • Do you rent or stay in military housing? If so can you get written permission from the landlord or housing office? 
  • If you move in the future, will you be taking your new pet with you?

Maintaining Good Health:

Plan routine checkups. Veterinarians will check your pet’s general health, answer your questions and ensure vaccinations are maintained.


Rabies is a fatal disease. Pets are at risk of contracting this illness. Protect your pet and family by vaccinating against rabies. IT IS THE LAW!

Spaying / Neutering:

  • Spaying and neutering reduces the threat of reproductive disorders, including cancer, in both males and females.
  • Advantages for the owner include a decrease in territorial and aggressive behaviors, roaming, injuries and unwanted litters.

How Can I Identify My Pet?

If your pet becomes lost, proper identification is your best chance for a safe return.

  • Dogs and cats should always wear collars.
  • A current municipal license tag is the best form of identification for your dog.
  • Attach a label or tag to your pet’s collar giving the pet’s name, address and your telephone number.
  • Take photos, record color and special markings, breed, weight and age.
  • All of our adoptions have an ID microchip already implanted just under the skin.
  • ID microchips are also available for other animals at the Humane Society for only $15.00.

 NOTE: Should you have ANY questions about the adoption process please contact one of our Adoption counselors @ 940-855-4941

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