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Adoption Commitment


Please consider the following before you start the adoption process.

Life Span:

  • You are responsible for a pet for its entire life
  • Dogs and cats usually live 15 to 20 years (depending on breed)


  • Do not overlook your time commitment! The needs of a large, active dog are different from those of a gerbil!
  • How much time do you have each day to provide grooming, companionship and exercise?
  • Remember, companion animals also require companionship from you.


Buying a pet is not the biggest cost. Long-term expenses add up over the years. Costs include:

  • Food and pet supplies
  • Health care
  • Licensing
  • Vacation care
  • Grooming fees
  • Obedience training


  • Active pets need challenges, training, tasks and regular exercise.
  • Are you an outdoor or indoor personality type?
  • Will you enjoy taking your dog for a daily walk? Could daily outdoor exercise become a chore?
  • Will the pet be on its own throughout the day? This can be a problem for some dogs and cats.
  • Is the size of your home and property big enough?
  • Do you travel on business or vacations? Will your pet travel with you or stay in a boarding kennel?
  • Do you rent or stay in military housing? If so can you get written permission from the landlord or housing office?
  • If you move in the future, will you be taking your new pet with you?

Maintaining Good Health:

Plan routine checkups. Veterinarians will check your pet’s general health, answer your questions and ensure vaccinations are maintained.


Rabies is a fatal disease. Pets are at risk of contracting this illness. Protect your pet and family by vaccinating against rabies. IT IS THE LAW!

 NOTE: Should you have ANY questions about the adoption process please contact one of our Adoption counselors @ 940-855-4941

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