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I listened to Cheryl Miller on The Rise and Shine Show this morning on my way to school. What an awesome representative the HSWC has in her! She was eloquent, sincere, and TRUTHFUL!! The HSWC has my complete support, and more importantly, my prayers!! God bless you guys who put ANIMALS first!!!


Michele Holcomb Pohlmann As an outsider, I’ve adopted 2 amazing animals from your shelter. I hd nothing but the most awesome experience. My animals were healthy, well-bahved and hve made wonderful companions. I am saddened by all of the bickering and name calling. Bless the volunteers and employees for all they do!



Lori Williams-Deemer My parents and I have adopted many dogs over the years and they are well taken care of the only problem my mom had was not being able to take a dog home at Christmas time 1 year but that is a good rule for obvious reasons. They never had flees ticks kennel cough or anything else thanks and keep up the great work.


Pamela Sund-Buck We will always support HSWC and the director. As a WF resident for the last 43 years, I feel I am qualified to praise the current staff and operational model as the best we have had in many, many years. Thank you for not engaging with the spiteful people bent on slandering the facility and it’s wonderful director. People like that don’t deserve the time of day. Please keep doing what you do and know that those of us who truly care about the animals would not waste your precious time and resources on a personal agenda of hatefulness. Thank you again for all your hard work. Stay the coarse and do not be deterred. We need you.


Ann Johnson I fully support the Humane Society and I, as like the majority of the people feels you are doing a great job. I am almost intelligent enough to overlook the negative people that are never happy Keep up the good work.


Robin Eads Stewart Thank you for sharing this letter. I completely and fully support the HSWC! Being an outsider, and not one who is privy to the goings-on that I’ve been reading about, I’ve been bewildered, yet I’ve gotten a feeling that there were things less than truthful being written and said about the HSWC. I’ve found your organization to be nothing but forthright and excellent! Just continue to keep doing what you’ve been doing. Stay above the drama! Stay above the lies! Keep putting the animals first! God’s blessings!!


Peggy Singleton Nelson Very good response!! I support WCHS 100%. Some people are never happy no matter what you do or say. Life is way too short for all the negative.

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