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Foster Program Info

Our foster program is another story of saving these animals precious lives while reducing the number having to be euthanized. Our goal is to find every adoptable animal a home. You could never imagine the reward you will receive getting an animal away from a shelter environment, while helping them get ready for a home life again.


This program needs your help. Have you ever thought about fostering? Through fostering, you help animals that need special attention or just a break from the shelter environment. It keeps puppies and kittens from getting diseases their immune systems are unable to handle, and enables them to be monitored more closely. Fostering a pet can provide an opportunity to decide what size and breed of animal is a good choice for your families environment. This will also allow for your family to experience the joys and responsibilities of caring for an animal.


Fostered animals are grateful for the love, care and attention they receive from a foster family. Evidence shows, animals often thrive and transition into adoptions better once they have spent time with a foster family, especially abandoned or abuse animals. And, many times the foster family feels they get a greater reward from the program than the animals do.


The Foster Care Application will need to be completed and returned to the Humane Society. You can download it with this link – Foster Care Application


The Fostering Guidelines contains additional information to help educate you about our Foster Program – Fostering Guidelines.

To speak with someone regarding fostering an animal, please call the Humane Society @ (940) 855-4941.

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