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Volunteer Program Info

We so appreciate our volunteers who are willing to give their time and talent to care for our beloved animals.  Your assistance opens up many doors for our animals to be cared for in a way they might not have had before.  You may be the person that finds the forever home these animals deserve.  Where can you volunteer that the payback may be in a dog handshake, puppy kiss or a cat sitting on your lap purring?  The love and affection the animals give back is the best thing in the world. 

Requirements to Volunteer:

  • A person who loves and respects animals.
  • Be at least 18 years of age or have a parent or guardian with you at all times.


Things you can do as a Volunteer:

  • Walk dogs
  • Wash dogs
  • Socialize dogs and cats
  • Obedience Training if you have the skills
  • Play ball or catch with the dogs
  • Brush the cats
  • Transport animals, introduce animals at off-site events and take outside for potty breaks
  • Love on the animals


Hours to volunteer are based on the hours open to the public and what your schedule allows.  This is not a job, so you will only be asked to help in areas that you are willing.  If you have a group that would like to come out, please call the office to arrange a time so that we can have a special project your group can work on.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact  the Humane Society @ (940) 855-4941.

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