How To Find and Identify Your Pet If Lost

Losing a beloved pet can be traumatic. If you pet does get lost, proper identification is your best chance for a safe return.

  • All of our pets available for adoption have an ID microchip implanted under their skin.
  • Dogs and cats should always wear collars with a tag identifying the pet’s name, address, and your phone number.
  • A current municipal license tag is a good form of identification for your dog.
  • Take photos, record color and special markings, breed, weight, and age.
  • Post a photo of your pet on your Facebook page as well as the Lost And Found Pets Facebook page.
  • Check the City of Wichita Falls Animal Shelter, on Hatton Road, daily until you find your pet – it may have been picked up and is waiting to be reclaimed.
  • We also provide ID microchipping for your other pets for only $15.

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