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I wanted to address the article concerning the board of directors meeting for the Humane Society of Wichita County (HSWC).   To be fair to the Times Record News let me address a couple of issues of importance.  Per guidance from the Non-Profit Center and legal representation private organizations without dues paying members are not required to have meetings open to the public nor are they required to have a set time and date for said meetings.  We would like to thank the Best Western Inn for allowing the HSWC to utilize their facility to hold past meetings.  It would be unfair to this establishment, its employees, and their customers to hold a meeting where Mrs. Matisek would invite herself and 49 others to occupy the Best Western Inn and possibly disrupt their employees and guests.  As a direct result we have cancelled the meeting held at the Best Western Inn.


As mentioned on several occasions concerning these false accusations…we have addressed each individually as they have come to our attention, investigated them, and taken corrective action if needed.  With that said, Mrs. Matisek has not been totally forthright when she says that we have not talked with her.   I have had an extensive conversation with her via a phone call and listened to her concerns.  She would not accept the fact that we investigated all of her issues so; finally, I simply asked her what exactly does she want?  Her answer was, basically, she wanted our director fired.  I explained to her that disciplinary actions taken against any employee was private as with all companies or organizations.  I also stated that our director was not going to be fired.  She became upset and told me (paraphrasing) that we had not heard the last from her.  She then mentioned her exploits in attempting to close down a circus in town.  I’m not sure what that had to do with our conversation but I feel it is relevant to note here.  Obviously, in our opinion, her concerns are not about animal welfare but of a personal dislike for our director.


The article is correct about one thing, the HSWC will not entertain those that choose to rant hatefully on social media nor will we give them a platform to vocalize repugnant speech toward any of our employees or volunteers.


Honored and cherished members of our community who support the HSWC through their time, talent, and treasure…and who have concerns are welcome to take a guided tour of our shelter in person.  All we ask is that you call the HSWC at 855-4941 to schedule an appointment, and please limit groups to 3 people to ensure a quality tour is given.


Lastly, the HSWC would sincerely like to thank all our loyal supporters who refuse to buy into the false and mean-spirited speech that is circulating the community.  To the dismay of some…it is not our policy to go tit-for-tat with unreasonable people.  Nothing good can be done for the animals by doing this.  Our goal is to save animals through education and adoption.  We are working diligently to accomplish this goal but a lot of time, energy, and emotional stress has been placed into reading and listening to false accusations.


I believe Winston Churchill said it best; “A lie travels around the world while the truth is still putting on its boots.”  The WCHS is lacing up our boots…please don’t judge by what you read but come out and see for yourself what is good and right about the WCHS.  As always, I pray for the softening of those hearts that have been hardened.



Sincerely and Very Respectfully,







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